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Story Contest for Facebook pages

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Get their inner Shakespeare out

Users participate by writing stories or voting for their favorite ones.

Unique interface

All of the stories show up in little sheets of paper, with a nice ribbon displaying the vote count, sorrounded by a completely customizable interface.

Customise everything

Apply your own style by using promotional images, changing colors, sizes and text styles, and even the text inside buttons.

Detailed insights

Watch participants rise on the scores table. Reward the most voted stories or get random winners with just a couple of clicks.

Scheduled publishing

Our apps can be scheduled to install or uninstall themselves automatically at the day and time of your preference

Made for web and mobile

All of our apps are accessible via both desktop or mobile devices. For every app you install, you get a smartlink to share, through which users get redirected to the proper version for their device

Optional forms

Gather more information from your user base with custom forms at the beginning or end of their experience on your app

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